"Products by Rowers for Rowers"

Kathy L’Hommedieu
Karen Simmons

Rowgue LLC started in 2007, in Kathy’s living room. After a successful year and a half, they moved headquarters to their new location in Woodbury CT.

We started the company with one goal in mind: we wanted technical durable products for ourselves, and believed others would too. We are tough to please: products are tested in real racing and transport conditions, and must be durable, practical and convenient. Many of our customers are our friends and co-competitors and we develop new products and lasting relationships by listening to you, our customers.

In the same spirit, we organized our first rowing camp (Rowgue international rowing camps) in France in 2009, and from that beginning have grown into organizing rowing camps and racing trips in various European venues.


Kathy L'Hommedieu is a US Rowing certified level III coach. She has been rowing for twenty years, and has been coaching rowing camps, Juniors and Masters since then. She brings her extensive knowledge of all aspects of the sport to Rowgue. In addition, she is a certified Yoga instructor (RYS200) with a focus on restorative yoga. She also rows a yellow boat.

Karen Simmons was an architect before she got the rowing bug 10 years ago. Her design background drives the development of our innovative Rowgue product lines. Her deprived childhood in European capitals is a big asset to our international business. She also rows a red boat.

Kathy and Karen are both competitive masters rowers who have medalled nationally and internationally. They row a white and red boat.

For questions, or to order by phone, please call us: USA (203) 405-1818