Boat Care Products

Do you need to clean, maintain the finish of your boat, or just keep everything moving nicely? We have the products you need!

  • Rejex
  • Gel gloss
  • Corrosion X


We’re very excited about this product. Give up on wax: Rejex is a thin-film polymer coating (less than a micron thick) that is designed to provide a high-release surface, and helps prevent stains and the adhesion of scum and other water borne crud.  It’s easy to apply and produces a deep, lustrous shine that outlasts the most popular waxes by months. Will Rejex make you go faster? There is reduced drag on power hulls treated with Rejex: if you don’t stop your boat from running, maybe…

It’s a thin fluid, so a little goes a long way:

14 oz bottle: $14.95


Gel Gloss:

Combines powerful non-abrasive cleaning agents with the most effective Carnuaba Waxes to produce the highest surface luster possible. Removes surface scratches and oxidation while providing a long lasting protective finish. Use gel gloss topically to remove surface scratches, water spots and stubborn stains. It’s our favorite for rejuvenating tired hulls, or the mark from that branch you didn’t see.

8 oz bottle: $8.00



Corrosion X:

Use corrosion X wherever something is not moving quite right (other than yourself). It’s an amazing lubricant, penetrating through apparently impenetrable accumulations of rust and grime. On a more daily basis though, it will make your oarlocks fly, and your seat slide like it should. It’s non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. It’s so useful around the house or the boathouse that you’ll have to hide it to keep it.

6 oz bottle:  $ 10.00



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