Rowgue International Rowing Camps

2018 camps:

Lot river

Rowing the Lot river in France

douroTouring the Douro river: dates to be determined


Past Camps (some of...)

Lagoons of the Veneto and Vogalonga: 2017
Touring the Port region of Portugal (Douro River) 2016
Touring in the Cognac region of France 2015charente
Avis, Portugal 2014, 2015, 2016
Varese, Italy 2013
Vogalonga, 2012, 2013


We at Rowgue believe we can do camps better too, or at least really well. Our camps are individualized, well organized and have truly exceptional coaches. They are based on four simple premises …

1.You can learn and focus best on your rowing when you are away from all your daily concerns and obligations.
2. Doing something in a foreign country is a wonderful way to encounter that country.
3. There is absolutely no need to suffer while doing the above-mentionned: while we call it camp, we've all grown up and macaroni and cheese and bunk beds are not on the menu anymore.
4. Wine makes you row faster...


Our camps are geared to Masters, (rower-speak for adults). Kathy and Karen use their combined coaching and international experience to negotiate exceptional rowing venues: we choose countries that we love or love to get to know, and select venues with the perfect rowers triad: good water, good boats and good food. They typically are european rowing clubs that are accustomed to welcoming international crews for training. Then we import or find high level coaching. Our typical daily schedule involves individualized programs and daily videotaping to give you a chance to see real improvement.

Accommodations are in pleasant, comfortable inns with single rooms for every camper and meals are typically prepared by local farm restaurants. Click on the links below for photos from previous camps.

Avis 2014
Vogalonga 2012 pictures

Ireland 2010 pictures
Typical daily camp schedule

For questions, or to order by phone, please call us: USA (203) 405-1818