Outdoor Storage Boat Covers
rowing boat covers for protection outdoors (or at regattas)


outdoor cover Our outdoor rowing boat covers are designed to protect your boat from the vagaries of weather, rotting leaves (very acid!), bird droppings, and most importantly the sun, merciless all year but particularly in the summer when our boats are most likely stored outside. Whether your boathouse is overcrowded, or it is just more convenient to be right where you row, this storage cover will protect, while being easy to use. We also like them for protection at regattas where all day full sun exposure is likely, and incredibly detrimental to both the beauty and the longevity of your hull.

The covers are made of a laminated hi-tech fabric that is breathable, enabling moisture trapped under the cover, whether from condensation from temperature change or from usage, to evaporate. In addition, while red fabrics will fade in the sun over time, the cover will continue to protect your boat from UV rays, which harms not only the sleek appearance of your shell but degrades the integrity of the hull material.

The cover is easy to roll on and off, has five velcro fastenings to hold it in place, and a long closeable skeg opening to accomodate a variety of fin locations.

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Our stocks are diminishing, not to be refilled, because we are both going to pursue other interests..(continuing with the camps, though...) If you know anyone interested in purchasing this part of our business, please call us! In the meantime, if you are postponing a new boathouse cover purchase, postpone no longer!
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The fabric is a four way stretchable laminate with a breathable layer which allows trapped moisture to evaporate, while shedding rain and snow.

View of the boatcover from below: the boat cover is trimmed with elastic, allowing easy on/off for daily use, while keeping the cover in place in windy conditions.

The bow and stern are reinforced with soft and durable fleece, and are pocketed for easy installation.

A detail of the adjustable velcro strap. There are five straps on the cover for full protection in windy conditions.

Detail of the adjustable, velcro closed skeg opening.

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