Rowgue is going back to the

May 15-20th

We have the amazing opportunity to again join a group of italian and german rowers to wind our way through the Venice lagoon in a race that is a celebration of rowing, rowers and the traditions of Venice and her lagoon!

It's a 32km race starting at the Santa Maria della Salute, winding through the islands of the lagoon, and finishing by coming back through the Gran Canal. For this day of celebration, the canals are closed to motorboat traffic and the row boat is king! We will be rowing lagoon-worthy 4X that our german teammates are kindly trucking to Italy (as you can imagine boats are in short supply that day in the Veneto).

Call us: (203-405-1818)
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2012 vogalonga pics

For questions, or to order by phone, please call us: USA (203) 405-1818