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NEW! Indoor/ Outdoor Boatcovers

rowing boat coverOur boathouse covers have grown up and are being allowed outside!

These boatcovers are made out of the same soft high quality fleece, but now they are water repellent! This means that you can use them inside or outside. Inside they will protect your boat from dust and dings, and outside they are breathable, releasing any water left on your boat back into the atmosphere, while protecting from damaging UV rays. In an torrential downpour, the boat will get wet, (boats don’t mind)  but will dry quickly, and in most rain storms water beads right off, somewhat miraculously...

These protective boat covers are pocketed at the bow and stern, elasticized around the edges and trimmed with black or blue straps, so that they slip on and off easily, (we suggest rolling them on and off). They are great for keeping the boat clean and safe, and kind of fun, too.

These are not intended as a travel cover (they are open on the underside), and have not been tested for long term winter storage in arctic conditions...

(hover over images for more information about how our boatcovers for rowing boats work)

The boatcover is pocketed at both ends, so slip one end over the bow or stern,

and then just roll it on,

and connect the velcro straps: your boat is safe from any prowling oarlocks.

Customer reviews 

1X S: for racing singles measuring between 24'6 and 25'10
1X M: for racing singles measuring between 25'10 and 27'6
2X S: for racing doubles measuring between 30' and 31'10
2X L: for racing doubles measuring between 31'10 and 33'6
Boats smaller than our suggested sizes can be reduced for a fee of $25.00. All custom orders are non-refundable.

For group orders, we may have other colors available, with a minimum order of four boatcovers: call us or send us an email to discuss.
Price for single i/o scull cover (1X): $200.00
Price for double scull cover (2X): $250.00


1X Color Choices


 frost      sunburst
Color :
Size :

note: if planning to use your cover outdoors frequently, please note that orange and red tones tend to fade more quickly.

2X color  
Color :
Size :

note: these double covers are still our older inventory of boathouse covers. Call or email for more information.

Customer reviews

"I am very satisfied with your product! Long overdue. Great quality and fits like it was custom made just for my boat. So-long boathouse rash!"
Earl from Tempe, Arizona

"The Rowgue boathouse cover is functional, form fitting, washable, easy and elegant. Just roll it on and roll it off. Seriously cool."
Matt from Danbury, Connecticut


For questions, or to order by phone, please call us: USA (203) 405-1818